About The Artist

     Jim is a painter and photographer living and working in Maine. His large paintings on paper explore figure and abstraction. His mixed media photography examines the intersections of paint and photographic image making. He also creates conceptual photographic series that fuse image and digital tagging

    Jim's paintings are graphic, bold and feature strong color. They alternate from the raucous to the lyrical. His figure work is fantastical, vibrant and often sardonic. The flat plane pieces embrace street art, caricature and cartoons. They create mystery and psychological depth within a deceptively simple style. 

     His abstract paintings are complex and non-hierarchical. They celebrate an intuitive process that utilizes  gestural color, asemic calligraphy and free form shapes. But just beneath the strong surface energy and apparent randomness reside internal patterns and rhythms that create a balance of controlled anarchy.  

     Jim's mixed media photographs are also large works on paper that exploit images with a pronounced street vernacular and combines them with painterly colors and markings. This creates visual uncertainties, fluctuating surfaces and multiple points of view. Jim's latest photographic series involves digital tagging. He generally selects images from urban environments that often have residual elements of street art and he adds his handle or tag drawings that fuses his new work with the layered remains of past artists. The process generates a new dialogue, a new exchange of ideas and images

     Jim has shown his work extensively in Maine including at Able Baker Contemporary, Cove Street Arts, Buoy, Frank Brockman Gallery, the Barn Gallery, the UMVA Gallery among many others.